Addition to scope

Is your Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in need of an evaluation?

Broadening your Registered Training Organisation's (RTO) scope of registration by adding new qualifications is a straightforward and highly effective method for fostering growth. Extending your scope allows your RTO to offer additional Certificate and Diploma (AQF level 1-5) qualifications, enabling you to achieve various benefits:

  • Seize market share in new and profitable niches.
  • Qualify for fresh funding opportunities.
  • Attract new customers.
  • Provide your existing customers with a wider range of training services and opportunities for qualification upgrades.
  • Introduce greater variety into your trainers' daily work, keeping them engaged and motivated.

Streamline your next application for scope amendment with ease.

RTO Consultants is committed to supporting you throughout the process of expanding your scope. Our team will guide you through the application, ensuring a quick and simple completion while maintaining compliance with ASQA's Standards for RTOs. We handle the heavy lifting, from conducting initial research on training and industry prospects to assisting with your scope addition audit, allowing you to focus on managing your RTO and delivering training services to your students.

Our team can assist you with all stages of the Amendment to Scope application, including:
  • Consulting with industry experts to identify training opportunities and inform the design of your Training and Assessment Strategies (TAS) and course materials.
  • Sourcing high-quality training resources from the market or developing new tools tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Validating assessment tools for compliance and quality, rectifying any identified gaps.
  • Designing and creating effective Training and Assessment Strategies.
  • Analysing the qualifications and profiles of your existing trainers to ensure they are qualified to deliver the new training products.
  • Recruiting trainers and assessors with the appropriate qualifications and experience.
  • Assessing your facilities and equipment to ensure their suitability for the new courses.
  • Identifying relevant laws and regulations that may impact your training delivery and graduate outcomes.
  • Preparing for audits triggered by your scope extension application.
  • Conducting audits, whether remotely or on-site, and providing coaching and assistance to address any issues identified.
  • Providing on-site support during ASQA audits.