Internal Audits:

Is your Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in need of an evaluation?

Conducting an internal audit is the most effective way to gain an overview of your current status. However, finding solutions to address non-compliance can be a challenge.

To enhance your RTO, our RTO check Package is the optimal choice. It includes a two-day coaching session alongside an internal audit, accompanied by a comprehensive action plan to support your implementation.

During the audit, you will benefit from our advice, which stems from our extensive experience. We not only identify problems but also offer practical solutions to prepare you for an ASQA audit. Our aim is not just to pinpoint issues; we strive to provide you with effective remedies.

Without a thorough RTO check, how can you be aware of potential blind spots? This is especially crucial if you are facing re-registration or struggling with complaint processing.

Anything that could trigger an ASQA audit poses a risk to your RTO, including the survival of your organization, the financial investment made, the quality of your training and assessment, and the satisfaction of your students.

Are non-compliant practices becoming entrenched habits? How can you recognize them? Consider the potential consequences if ASQA were to cancel your registration, necessitating refunds for all the invalidated certificates issued.

Which instances of non-compliance are impeding the smooth functioning of your RTO? RTO Consultants RTO check package brings together a team of professionals dedicated to your RTO. With their extensive experience in community services evaluating qualifications, you can benefit from their invaluable fresh perspectives, unmatched within the industry.